Treetop development to start in Cateburne’s area

Treetops development in the Cateburys’ north Queensland backyard has been granted planning permission for the first time.

The development, expected to start later this year, will see the expansion of an existing coteybus plantation and will also include a new farm and farmhouse, as well as a new road.

Treetop Development’s plan is to build a 40 hectare site that is approximately 10 times the size of the current plantation.

“It will be a massive development,” developer Mike Broughton said.

“We’re hoping to get it up in time for Christmas.”

There are still a lot of areas that are undeveloped in Coteyburys north.

“The Cateyburne area has a lot to offer for us, but we’re trying to get that to the point where it’s something that is sustainable and that will be beneficial for everyone.”

Mr Broughtons father, former Catebury mayor Paul Broughson, also played a key role in the development.

“Paul was the first person to buy a farm in Cideyburnes and it’s always been my ambition to be the first farmer to develop in Cadebury,” Mr Broughsons son, Josh, said.

“This is a great opportunity for us to develop our farm into something really special.”

The Coteys are expected to see a huge boost in business after construction of the new farmhouse starts later this month.

Mr Boughton said he was confident that Treetopt’s new venture would be a success.

“I think we’re on the cusp of something special,” he said.

The Cadeburys are not the only local residents to have been given permission to develop their land.

Last year, the Cadeburnes were the first town in Queensland to receive a $1 million grant to expand its existing crop farm.

The project, called Treetopps Catebru, will expand the current crop farm into an area of approximately 50 hectares.

It will also create 1,000 jobs, including a 40-person jobs committee.

Treetops Development will also build a new 300-metre waterway and will have a 12-year lease of the land.

It will have three roads.

Mr Brawton said the Cideys farm would provide the opportunity for local farmers to develop into the future of the area.

“When you look at the area and see how big the area is, it’s huge,” he explained.

“In a year, we’ll see more than 100 people come through and you won’t see them all here.”

Treetope is also expected to be home to the first of the company’s new farms.

Its current farm will be the only one remaining in the area, as it will be closed down and sold off.

This will give Treetopes new lease of life in the north.


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