How to Treat Your Pets with Treetop Therapy in Idaho

The Crosslake Terrace Terrace is a unique residential community that’s located in a remote corner of the Idaho desert.

The community is surrounded by rugged mountains and mountainside trails, and has a unique history.

Here are some of the things that make this community unique. 


The Cross Lake Terrace has an extensive trail network. 

The Cross Lake Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the entire country. 

Trails run along the edge of the canyon, through the hills, and down the river.

It connects with the trail system at the Cross Lake State Park and is one the most accessible hiking trails to the park. 


The landscape is dotted with lush, green vegetation. 

There is a rich array of plants and flowers that are just waiting to bloom. 


The surrounding landscape is a natural habitat for wildlife. 

One of the biggest drawcard to the community is the abundance of wildlife.

The residents of Cross Lake have a very diverse wildlife population that includes birds, reptiles, and fish. 


There is a large variety of animals in the area. 

They range from birds, deer, coyotes, and even wild horses. 


The wildlife in the community has the potential to be a huge drawcard for visitors. 

In addition to the beautiful birds, there are also a variety of wildlife species in the Cross Lakes Terrace. 


The terrain of the community makes it easy to explore. 

This is an area that is extremely remote and inaccessible.

There are no public trails or hiking trails, so there is a lot of walking that must be done to reach the top of the Terrace, and there is an abundance of vegetation.


It’s a very well-known spot for outdoor recreational activities. 

Although the Crosslake Trail is not a popular trail, it has been a popular destination for visitors for many years. 


There’s a huge variety of plants, including many native species. 

When the residents in Cross Lake decided to move to Cross Lake, they were thrilled with the changes. 


The park is open for everyone to enjoy. 

It’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or evening exploring the scenic mountains, rivers, and grasslands. 


The people who live here love the trails, too. 

For many years, the CrossLake Terrace was a private community, but the residents decided to open the community to the public. 


The communities diversity and unique history make the community a great place for people to get together. 


The crosslake treety trails are a great way to connect with nature and the surrounding area.

 The trails are separated into four distinct sections. 

Cross Lake Terraces sections are: 1) The Cross Lakes Trail 2) The Mount Cootes Trail 3) The Little Creek Trail 4) The Greenleaf Trail There are several trails that lead to the trailhead. 

Some of the trails are easier to navigate, others require more skill, but all of the trail sections are accessible. 

A number of trailhead signs are located at the trailheads. 

Below are a few of the areas that are accessible and some of their amenities. 

(Click on the photo to enlarge it) Cross Lake Trail The crosslake trailhead is located at Highway 40 and Interstate 80. 

If you take Highway 40, turn left onto Highway 80, and take the exit onto Route 604. 

Drive for about 4 miles to the crosslake Trailhead.

This is a very easy, quick and pleasant trail to get to. 

Be aware that the trail is a paved road, so if you are unsure how to proceed, do not try and hike it. 

Head back down the mountain to the intersection of the highway. 

Once you reach the cross-country parking lot, turn right onto Highway 50 and take a right onto the Hwy.

50 Bridge. 

Turn left onto the bridge and continue on the H1A/B Highway. 

After crossing the bridge, turn onto Highway 20. 

Continue on the highway to the parking area. 

 The Cross Lakes Treetop The Treetop Terrace is located on the opposite side of Highway 40. 

From the parking lot in Crosslake, take a left onto Route 60. 

Keep on Highway 60, and turn left on Highway 40 to reach Route 60A. 

You will soon see the cross lake trailhead on the right. 

Follow the cross road to the Treetops Terrace at the end of the road. 

To access the Taint, turn to the left onto Hwy 120. 

Take a left at the sign and park at the Tint. 

 The sign is located on your left in the parking lane.