The treetops of Arkansas are alive and well

Treetop cottage owners say the cottage on the west side of Fort Campbell is still being occupied by the owners of a small home, but that they have plans to convert it into a home.

They say the cottage is in a nice, grassy area and has a beautiful view.

It was just renovated a couple of months ago.

They have a lot of trees in the yard.

They just got a new patio that they are renovating.

The owner of the property, Tom Sells, said he’s been a homeowner for nearly 30 years.

He said he plans to open the cottage and have a kitchen on the second floor and a living room on the first floor.

He has three other homes in his community.

Sells said he wants to keep the cottage open for people to enjoy the garden.

He says he hopes to have a restaurant in the cottage.

Sell said the cottage will not have a liquor license and will not be selling alcohol.

The owners have asked to use their property for the rehabilitation of the cot.

Salls said he has been looking for a place to live for several years and wants to be able to offer it for rent.

He said the owners are very kind and respectful.

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