How to watch a melbourne school’s trees with a smartphone

Melbourne’s famous treetop schools are being inundated with a new generation of smartphones as students learn to use them.

The new school year starts next month with an influx of iPads and iPhones being handed out to students, which could cause issues for some trees.

But the state government is encouraging schools to be flexible about their technology use, and has made a number of concessions to accommodate students.

Here are some tips to make sure you can stay out of the way.

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Turn off Bluetooth to avoid hearing any sound from a phone 2.

Keep a laptop or tablet in the front room at all times.


Use headphones for the most part.


Never use an external keyboard, or a stylus, when you are in a classroom.


Be wary of the “touch screens” on some mobile phones, as these can be difficult to see and manipulate, especially when the device is turned off.


Don’t touch the screen when reading.

This will allow the phone to “feel” the text.


Make sure to lock your screen, and never use a tablet in your room.


Do not put your phone on a desk or anywhere that might come in contact with your eyes, as this could put you in a potentially dangerous situation.


Don\’t touch the device while using your phone.


Do keep a notebook or pen handy to record key facts and dates in case of emergencies.


Donate to a charity that will help with the construction of the new school.


Keep the windows and doors closed while you are away from your school.


If you have a smartphone or tablet, use it to get around.

There are a number ways you can use it, including to make phone calls, email, or surf the web.14.

Turn your screen off while you’re in the schoolroom.

This should not be necessary if the screen is off during the day.15.

If there are children in the classroom, ensure that they are not using your smartphone.


If the screens are off, keep them turned off during school hours.


Be aware of other potential problems, such as an overheating device in the building, a fire or a power surge.18.

Make a point of leaving a note for your parents or guardians.19.

Never touch the computer while the device’s screen is on.20.

Be careful with cell phones when driving.21.

Use earplugs during the school day.

This can be particularly problematic in the daytime, when students will be spending more time using the school network.22.

Do take the opportunity to check your email before leaving school, so you don’t miss anything important.23.

Do wear earplocks when driving, even if they are worn when not in use.24.

Never wear ear plugs while in a school zone.

If students need ear plugs, they should be at home.25.

Don´t use the same password for multiple accounts at the same time.

This is particularly important if you use a mobile app to share information.26.

Make it a point to use your smartphone or computer when in a designated “public space” such as a gymnasium or school cafeteria.27.

Use a mobile device in an accessible location in the back of a school bus, to keep the child out of sight and to make it easier to see where the bus is.28.

Keep your smartphone and tablet turned off when you leave the school, to avoid distracting students from reading.29.

Be sure to take all necessary precautions when you use your phone or tablet.

This includes locking your device when not on the charger or while it is charging.30.

Be very careful when using a mobile phone or mobile device while at school.

This could result in an accident or serious injury.31.

Use your headphones at all school activities and activities that require hearing protection.32.

When walking to or from the school gates, make sure your headphones are securely fastened.33.

Do use a separate passcode for your school account.34.

Do always use the correct name and password for your mobile phone, including your password when logging into school.35.

Always use a valid student email address when sending and receiving messages, so that school employees can easily access your information.36.

Use passwords that are easy to remember, and change frequently.


Use only your primary email address for all correspondence and communications.


Never log into a school account with a different password than the one you use at home or work.39.

Use different mobile phones for your personal and school accounts.40.

Keep personal information private when you log into school or any other website, app, or online service.41.

Use the appropriate school phone number when logging in to your school email, phone or social networking account.42.

Never share your personal information online with others, unless it is absolutely necessary.43.

Never click on any links

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