Which hotel has the most guest rooms in 2018?

A hotel in the U.K. could be the next in line to land a coveted spot on this year’s list of top guest rooms.

The Hilton Hotels, one of the world’s biggest, is getting a new brand identity, as the hotel is transitioning to a new hotel brand that will be officially announced later this month.

The hotel brand is named Hotels Royal Brunei, and it is set to launch on Oct. 1.

“We are proud to be a part of the Hilton family of brands,” said Hilton Hotel CEO Chris Pyle.

“Our partnership with the Royal Bruneian Resort and Spa is a natural extension of our global portfolio of hospitality experiences.”

The new Hilton brand is expected to have about 150,000 rooms and include luxury amenities like rooftop suites and spa treatment facilities.

The new hotel will be located in Brunei at the Royal Hotel Brunei.

The Royal Brunein, a luxury hotel in Bruneia, opened in February 2018.

The brand is based on the hotel’s namesake, the Brunei Royal Palace, which was founded in 1836.

The Royal Bruneians have a long history in Bruneian hospitality.

The resort was built in 1912 by the King Abdullah II.

The property was then converted into the first Royal Bruneis Hotel, in 1948.

It was later renamed the Royal Grand Hotel Bruneia in 1990.

The newly-named Hilton Hotel Bruneium will be the first hotel brand to be officially launched in the Kingdom of Brunei since 2011.

A spokesman for Hilton Hotles confirmed to The Hill that the hotel will begin operating in October, but would not give a specific date.

The company also confirmed that the new Hilton Hotel is set for an expansion in the next two to three months.

The project has yet to be fully developed, with details about the hotel still being worked out.

For a look at the new hotel, check out the photo gallery below.

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