How to pay for Tahoe’s treetops North

Treetops North, located at the intersection of Tahoe Avenue and South Park Drive in Tahoe Village, is one of the best spots in the area for treetoping.

Located right off the main highway, it is one the best treetopping spots in town.

But it can get a little pricey to rent a tress.

The fees vary based on where you live, but the main ones range from $300 for a rental to $2,000 for a full rental.

To be clear, the fees are for rentals, but if you can’t afford the rent, you can still get the best tress rentals in the world for as little as $600 per night.

A good way to find a tess that fits your budget is to look for rental sites that offer “tress rentals,” which are usually full-time tress rental companies that rent tress from Tahoe Valley Resorts.

Here are some of the most popular tress renters in the Tahoe area: