How to buy a ticket for Celtic’s treetop adventures in canton

Tickets for Celtic Park will go on sale this morning, but there are still some details to sort out before you can buy them.

The tickets are going on sale for €65 each at, which will sell them for €45 for those who have bought them online.

This is a big deal for those wanting to attend Celtic Park on the weekend.

It’s the second-highest ticket price for a day in the history of the stadium, following in the footsteps of Euro 2012.

The price is also going up from €65 for a group of four people to €65, with a maximum of two people.

However, tickets are sold online for just €45, with the maximum price being €75.

You can find the details on the ticketing website, which has been updated with a few more details about the event, including that tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

The cheapest way to buy tickets is to book online.

The prices are as follows:Day tickets: €65 per person (up to four people)Day passes: €35 per personDay tickets in advance: €45 (up for grabs)Day tickets for groups of four: €70 (up in advance)Day pass holders: €90 (up as of 2pm) (English and French) and Ticketmaster (French)Both are part of the ticketmaster network, and are linked through the website.

A spokesperson for Celtic said that “TicketMaster is committed to providing the best possible experience to fans, so any changes made to our system are not made lightly.

We will continue to monitor our network and the progress of ticketing as a result.”

Celtic Park’s ticket sales started on Saturday, August 9.

There are currently around 3,200 tickets available for Celtic games and matches, with an estimated number of fans waiting for their chance to buy.