Evanescence’s Treetop Festival: A Story of the World’s First Treetop Festival is on Now Playing: Evanescences Treetops Festival

We’re excited to announce that our first-ever Treetopic festival is now on.

The festival will take place July 17-20 at the new Evanescents Treetops in Lexington, Kentucky, a short drive from the Kentucky state capitol.

It will feature two hours of fun and art, including live music, performances by a group of musicians from the Evanescens new lineup, and an opportunity to see the world’s first Treetopic tent.

Evanescenauts is an international touring and touring production that features Evanescenced productions and music from Evanescense, including Evanescencia, Evanescencen, and Evanescent.

The tour will also include concerts, film screenings, and other entertainment at the Lexington venue.

The Festival will take on a more intimate feel with more of a connection to the world of the world through the arts, and will be a great place for the world to see us.

Stay tuned for more information about the festival as it becomes available.