How ‘Twilight’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ Changed the Way We Watch Movies

The year’s first-ever premiere of the Twilight franchise in the U.S. will be a homecoming for a number of popular movies, including “Twilight” and “Twin Peak” star Emily Blunt’s big-screen debut as a teenage girl in “Twincest,” “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and the latest in the Twilight universe.

But there’s a new addition to the “Twins” lineup, and it’s a movie no one had seen before: “Twelve Monkeys.”

The film is the first in a new trilogy from director Rob Thomas, which will include the upcoming “Twitch” sequel.

The new film follows a group of kids on a quest to discover the whereabouts of their lost mentor, who is in a coma and cannot communicate.

“Twimlets” is set to open in theaters nationwide on Dec. 21.

Thomas’ first foray into the world of teen movies came in 2009 with the Oscar-winning film “The Adventures of Tintin,” which starred Jennifer Lawrence as the titular titular character.

“The Twilight Saga” sequel, “Twice Upon a Time in Wonderland,” is set for release on Dec 21.

In the years since, Thomas has followed up on “Twilights” with a number on the block.

In 2014, he followed up with the “Waking Life” movie, which stars Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams and Liam Hemsworth, and stars Reese and Liam.

In 2019, he co-wrote and directed the sequel to “Twillights,” “Twine.”