Tiger Woods and Serena Williams will be back in Australia this week, but there’s no guarantee of a comeback

Serena and Tiger Woods are scheduled to play in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Tiger Woods will be on the tour, while Serena will be in Australia.

But the two are expected to be back at home in the meantime.

Serena has been sidelined with an injury, while Tiger Woods has been away from the Tour for almost two years.

The last time Serena returned to the tour was in January of 2017, when she suffered a heart attack.

Woods’ absence from the tour has been particularly frustrating for fans, who were hoping for the former world number one to come back and play in Australia again.

The news comes on the heels of a stunning upset win by Serena in the Australian Open final on Monday.

Serene won a record sixth consecutive tournament title and her win was the best of her career.

Woods also beat Serena for the first time since the 2009 U.S. Open final, but they both lost in the semifinal.

The world number three was one of the biggest stars in tennis, but the former No. 1 is now struggling to regain her form after the heart attack and she’s not expected to return to competition until early 2018.

Serenee has been out since the Australian open due to an illness.