What you need to know about the gaylord resort chain

On Jan. 1, the LGBT rights group Gaylord resort and resort chain announced plans to merge its gaylord brands into one chain, Gaylord Pride.

“We’ve always been about creating a world-class destination that’s inclusive of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” Gaylord CEO Peter Ritchie said in a statement announcing the merger.

“For our partners in the LGBT community, Pride means they can come and celebrate, enjoy a fun, family-friendly lifestyle, and feel that the resort is safe and welcoming.

Pride means that we’re welcoming everyone to enjoy our resort, with no discrimination or discrimination against any of our partners.”

The new chain will combine Gaylord’s existing resorts in Kenya, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Leshem, and Lesothol into one resort chain.

The Gaylord Resort Kenya (GRK) will now be known as the Gaylord International Resort and Spa (GRIS), and the Gaylords Lesothos (GLOSS) and Leshem (GLOTH) resorts will now operate as Gaylord Lesothon.

Gaylord will also continue to offer Gaylord Lion’s Rainbow Resort, a new resort in Zimbabwe that will offer the same level of luxury and entertainment as the gaylords resorts in Lesothola and Leslem.

The Gaylord LGBT Pride Parade, which will take place in Kenya on Saturday, is also part of the new chain.

Gaylords Pride, Gaylords Rainbow, GLOSS and GLOTH will offer three-star hotels, a range of entertainment, and dining at four-star resorts.

The new chain has also announced a range the LGBT and intersex-friendly spa, with a new “LGBT Pride” event taking place in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on Feb. 1.

The chain also announced plans for a new LGBT Pride event in the United States on March 12.

The company also announced that the GayLion Resort in Zimbabwe will be renamed to Gaylord Rainbow Resort.

GayLion’s Rainbow resort in Lesitho, Leshom, is expected to open in 2018.