How to find your dream villas and vacation rentals in the Dunwoody neighborhood

The latest listings for properties in the historic district include three properties for sale, but you might be better off finding a room at a different location.

The three properties in question are at 459 W. Main St. and at 514 W. Broadway, according to the listings on the property information website TripAdvisor.

The listings show the properties as being up for sale on Oct. 6.

The properties in this story have a total of $4,842,600.

The listing for a room for rent at a property at 515 W. Broad St. has a list price of $1,800.

It also shows a listing price of just under $1 million.

A listing for 513 W. Brook St. lists the property at $2,400 per month, and the listing says it has a “luxurious guest suite, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and deck” with views of the Bayview Heights and Dunwoodys.

It also lists a monthly rental rate of $2.25 million.

That includes a $2 million deposit, the $1.5 million payment for the remodeling and $1 to $2 monthly security deposit.

A list of properties in Dunwoodies on TripAdviser, a property information service, shows a total price of about $4 million.