The world’s coolest and most interesting underground cafe in the UK

From the UK’s first ever street cafe, to the first ever restaurant with a full menu and a dedicated kitchen, to now one of the world’s largest street cafes, this is the guide to some of the UKs coolest and weirdest underground cafes and bars.

The list is rounded off with a few highlights, including a new spot in Cambridge called The Cave.

From its opening in February 2018, The Cave has quickly become one of our most popular spots to spend time, with customers arriving at the venue in droves to catch a glimpse of the new opening.

The new venue, called The Underground Cave, is currently undergoing renovations to accommodate the new additions and has already received rave reviews from local bloggers and locals. 

With its extensive menu, extensive drink options, and innovative bar menu, The Underground has been voted one of England’s best cafes by local bloggers, and is a perfect spot for a quick snack before catching a show. 

The Underground is a collaboration between The Underground Club and Cave Lounge, a Cambridge-based cafe and bar.

The cafe’s owner, Andrew “Andy” Williams, explains to The Observer that the cafe has been set up with a unique take on the classic diner-style food and drinks concept, where “everything is made by hand, with only the freshest ingredients available.” 

The underground cafe’s menu has a very eclectic approach, including items like the vegan burgers, a burger made of raw eggs, and an egg salad, while the drinks menu has an interesting selection of tequila, gin and tonic drinks. 

At The Underground, you’ll find an extensive drink menu that features the most popular drinks in the country including: Abrutator – vodka, ginger, lemon and orange juice, lemon juice, vodka, lime and orange peel, ginger syrup, and lemon juice