Nyeri Kenya Ski Resort’s ski shop opened its doors to tourists this weekend, but not everyone is happy with it

Nyeris ski shop has opened to the public on Saturday, November 16, 2017, and the staff is already complaining about it.

The shop was opened to guests at the Nyerisu ski resort on Saturday.

According to the Nederland Times, Nyeriso Ski Resort has a staff of around 200, with most of them working in the shop.

The resort says it has no control over the staff members and the shop has to close at 11am on Sunday, November 17, so guests can go home.

The Nyerisi shop is open from 9am to 6pm on Sunday every day, with staff working all hours.

The staff are also required to wear masks at all times.

It is not known what the staff complaints are.

However, guests have been reporting on social media that the shop is not clean and that it is crowded with people, so it has been closed.

There are a few other ski shops in the Naderis area, including the Nerimisa ski resort.