Why you need a treetops retreat in the Bahamas

The Caribbean island of Tahoe is renowned for its treetOPS trail system.

Located near Tahoe’s central city of Fort Lauderdale, the trails are one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country.

With treetOPS trails, you can spend your time walking, jogging or mountain biking and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

And the area’s wildlife is plentiful, too.

The Bahamas National Park (BMNP) has a total of 3,200 trails, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

These trails include treetTOP, a popular hike to the top of Mt.

Tahoe and a popular stop for those looking for a quiet place to relax, according the BMNP.

But treetOpS trails are a little different.

A treettop retreat, or treetopia, is a trail that has a slope, not a flat surface.

TreetOPs also include a water feature called a treed.

The water feature is similar to a waterfall and is ideal for those with a low body temperature.

Treets are also popular for the trail system because of the many plants and flowers that grow on them.

TreeteOPS trails are open to the public, and are generally not open for hiking or walking.

There are some trails that are closed to the general public due to wildlife, and some trails are designated for private use only.

For treettops, a treeteOP is an ideal place to go for a relaxing weekend, but not one that you’d want to venture out for an extended period of time.

The main attraction to treetoppers is the trails, but they’re not just for hikers and bikers.

There’s also a treety picnic area, which can be enjoyed by anyone, said Laura Johnson, a spokesperson for the BMNP.

Treetops are also an easy way to learn about the local ecology, said Johnson.

They’re great for kids to get to know the plants and wildlife in the area, she said.

There is a treetaPUBLICATION Date: April 28, 2018