Getaway Wizard 101: The Best Ways to Get Your Groove Back

The best way to get your groove back is by doing what you love.

We asked our top picks from the most popular genres and found the best way for you to start enjoying music again.


The R&B genre This is one of the most fun genres to explore, and if you want to keep it that way, you’re going to need a sound system.

We recommend the Yamaha K100.

This one has a great punch and the bass is perfect for your dancefloor.

The Yamaha K-BX5 is also a great choice for DJs who want to add a little more definition to the sound, while also adding a bit of funk to your mix.

If you’re into house and bass, you might want to check out the YAMAHA D-20.

If that sounds too simple, check out this awesome Roland TB-303.

It’s a solid, versatile instrument, but it’ll also get the job done for you if you need a bit more bass in your music.


Rock genres These genres tend to be popular for the most part, but you can still find some great mixes from the more mainstream genres.

This includes genres like rock, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.

The best music can be found in a wide variety of styles, and there are a ton of genres to choose from, so you’ll find plenty of tracks to keep you busy.


Dance music If you’ve got a music lover in your life, then you’ll want to give this a try.

We know you’ll love the vibe and energy of your own personal DJ, so get on board and start making music that you’ll be able to enjoy.

It’ll feel like you’re in your own DJ booth.


Indie genres Many of these are also great for the dancefloor, but there are also a ton more indie tracks out there for you in the dance space.

This is a great place to start.

For example, if you’re looking for some house music, you should check out indie-leaning artists like Wotch, Sia, or Stereolab.

There are also some great producers out there like Sean Murphy, DJ Fresh, and DJ Serenity.


R&am genres This genre has a ton to offer, and it’s often the one that comes up first in your mind when you’re searching for some tracks to start playing.

There’s nothing quite like the sound and vibe of a vinyl record.

If this sounds like you, check the R&AMs and Roland TB303.

The Roland TB302 is a good choice if you already have an old-school turntable, but the RTR-303 is great if you just want a great sounding turntabber.


House This is probably the most underrated genre, and this is especially true for house music.

It can get pretty dark and moody, and you’ll need some pretty good speakers to keep things fresh.

But there’s a ton out there to choose with different mixes and sounds, and we can’t recommend any of them enough.


Drum & Bass This is another great genre for DJs to explore and start their own music.

Drum and bass can be a great way to spice up a party, so it’s also a good idea to try mixing it up with some house and house house, as it’s definitely a style that’s really up there with electronic dance.


Trance A lot of DJs like to start their tracks with a drum machine, so if you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting one, then check out some of the best drum machines in the world.

There have been some fantastic drum machines from brands like Roland TB, Roland TB Pro, and DSP.

You’ll find a wide array of drum machines to choose, from classic drum machines like the Roland TB12, to newer machines like DSP’s V-12, the RTA-1000, and the V-1200.

You can even go with some new and innovative designs, like the DSP-1, which was created by a German company called Bumblebee.

It was recently featured on the cover of the April issue of The Drum and Bass Magazine.


Rock This is the most common genre to start out with when it comes to house music—or at least it should be, since this genre is all about the music.

You’re probably going to find a lot of great tunes here, and a lot are well-made, so start with something that sounds good.

If it’s a mix, it’s probably a mix.

Mixing is all the rage these days, so the more you can put together, the better.


Electronic dance music This genre is usually more about dance than anything else, but even if you aren’t a DJ, there’s still a lot to look out for

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