When Disney’s new Indiana Treetops apartments come to the big screen, you’ll have to watch out for a giant spider

Shreveport, LA – Disney has unveiled plans for the first ever Indiana treetoptics apartments in the UK.

Shreveport City Hall has released a map that shows the locations of a number of the apartment buildings that will be based in Shreve, where Disney and the London-based architectural firm Edelweiss are building the studios.

It shows two locations, which will be located near the site of the former Chappies cinema.

A third location will be near the main entrance of the nearby hotel.

The three-bedroom apartments have been designed to offer residents a more private space than the existing units, which are shared with other tenants.

They will be the first new residences in a block of flats in Shreve since the city was granted planning permission in 2017.

“We are excited to partner with Edelwiss to design the next wave of new residences for Shreve County,” Shreve Mayor Jody Osterman said in a statement.

“The Shreve area is already home to some of the most creative and talented people in the country, and the development of the next phase of our vibrant tourism industry will create even more opportunities for our residents to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.”

The new apartments are being built on land the developers previously acquired in 2006, but they were not built until recently, and have only been announced publicly recently.

The apartments will include an entry level and a second floor.

The second floor will have a kitchen and bathrooms.

They have been built in three different styles, with a full-size version in the final design being the mainstay.

A large green screen will show the residents living space, as well as a map of the surrounding area.

The buildings will feature a new kitchen, and a private rooftop garden with a large view of the area.

The building also has a fitness center and indoor swimming pool, which is the main attraction.

The new apartment buildings will be priced at around $1.5 million.

Disney says the apartments will also have an amenity corridor, with amenities such as fitness centers, restaurants and a bar, as opposed to the current flat-pack apartment complexes that can only accommodate a single room.