When I’m tired, I can sleep like a baby

Posted November 14, 2019 09:10:13The world’s biggest mountain has just been named after the first person ever to sleep with his or her head up.

Tetangire Treetop is a 2,818-metre mountain in the Indonesian province of Sulawesi.

It’s the first mountain named after a single person, and the world’s tallest.

Its name is derived from the word tang, which means ‘to sleep’.

The mountain’s name comes from the ancient term tanguru, which translates as ‘to rest’.

Tetongir has a total area of 2,085 square kilometres, of which the mountain is 1,924 square kilometres.

Its peak is 9,838 metres above sea level.

Its slopes are extremely steep, averaging 7 kilometres per kilometre.

Its highest point is 8,800 metres.

Tiguan, the highest mountain in Indonesia, is also named after T.T. Tangut, the founder of the region.

Tangut, a Buddhist monk, also made a famous pilgrimage to the mountain during the first half of the 20th century.

His journey, which involved over 12,000 miles of hiking, took him over 6,000 kilometres from his home in the village of Tiguan.

His trek was recorded in a book called Tangut’s Expedition.

The trek began in the mid-1930s and included an 8,000-kilometre trek through the mountains of Papua, where he found his wife and children.

Tangut’s wife died in childbirth, and he and his children spent the next eight years on the mountain, where they built a village and raised pigs.

In the 1980s, Tangut returned to his home village, and there, he founded the Tulip Mountain Resort, which now has more than 1,200 accommodation units.

His death was recorded as a result of an infection, which is why his name has been changed to Tiguan Tangut.

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