How to live a ‘normal’ life in Canada: How to start a family, shop and live in a Canadian city

“I feel like the first time I walked into a Canadian grocery store, I was really nervous.

I felt like it was a big transition for me, because I had never lived anywhere else.”

—Alyssa Smith, 25, Ottawa, Ont.

She was born and raised in the capital city and is one of about 2,000 Canadians with disabilities who have permanent disabilities.

She’s now a student at the University of Ottawa studying social work.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)Alyssas Smith is the founder and CEO of a new online disability advocacy group called Treetops Spa.

The group has launched a social media campaign called Make it Happen to Help People with Disabilities (KHID) to encourage people to make changes to their lives in Canada.

Smith says the campaign is also about making a difference to the lives of others.

“I feel the campaign, the platform, and the community that we’re building is really the way to go.

People have really embraced that,” she said.KHIR is a new organization that is creating a platform to connect people with disabilities with people who have similar needs.

The organization says it is trying to create a space for people with mental health challenges and people with physical disabilities to get together.

“People with disabilities are often the ones that need support the most,” said Sarah Hough, director of public policy and communications for KHIR.

“When we get to a point where people have no access to a person with a disability or no access at all, they’re just going to be lonely.”

She said people with severe physical or mental disabilities can be especially vulnerable.

“It can be really isolating, especially for people who are not physically disabled and can’t speak the language,” Hough said.

“If you have a disability, you have to rely on other people, especially when they are not there, to take care of you.”

To get involved in the campaign to help people with disability in Canada, visit

It’s also looking to hire people with special needs, like children with autism and others with learning disabilities.

“The number one issue that we are seeing is that a lot of these young people are in a really precarious position,” said Hough.

“They are in school, they are working, they can’t even afford a meal.

We know that there is a lack of support, but there is also a lack for understanding.”

In the first few months of KHIR’s existence, the organization has received a lot more requests from people who want to help others with disabilities, said Houg.

“They are just desperate, and they are desperate to have the support that they need.

We’re seeing a lot, and it’s just a really incredible thing to see.”KHIIDS is one step closer to becoming a full-fledged organization.

Smith hopes the campaign will eventually get the attention of the government.

“We think it’s time to take action on behalf of all Canadians, because we are all in this together,” she told CBC News.

“There are people out there who have no idea how much it takes to be disabled in Canada.”

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