How to save your treetops resort from being sold to the highest bidder

TREETOPS, Scotland (AP) It’s a name that is synonymous with the beauty of the sea and the majesty of the peaks.

It’s also a name associated with the highest price tag: a £150,000 ($257,000) hotel, or “treetop.”

A deal that is expected to bring £1.6 billion to the island’s economy, a potential loss of hundreds of jobs and a huge loss in tourism revenue has been reached after the UK government gave the green light to the sale of the island, known as Dunwoody.

The deal would be worth a whopping £1,847 million to Dunwoodys taxpayers if the sale goes ahead.

It could mean the closure of a tourist attraction that was worth hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the Scottish economy, and could mean thousands of jobs would be lost.

It will take another year to finalize the deal and it is not yet known if the deal is worth the money.

The Scottish government has made no secret of its determination to stop the sale, even going so far as to issue a threat to cancel Dunwoodies lease on the island.

“The island will be a ghost town and Dunwoodie’s hotel will be the last hotel on the Dunwoodiness,” Scottish Environment Secretary Michael Russell told reporters in Edinburgh.

Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said the deal would bring about a “massive loss” in tax revenue to Dunwoods coffers.

Dunwoody was one of the UK’s largest islands when it was built in 1872.

It has a population of over 30,000.

It was popular for the summer season, when the island is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife.

The island was a popular summer destination for families to spend the summer months.

In recent years, it has been under scrutiny from environmentalists, with a report published in April 2017 finding it had “lost its ecological value.”

It was also a popular spot for British tourists, as Dunwoods attractions were among the top-rated in Europe.

A spokesman for the tourism board of Dunwoodes said the board is “optimistic” that the sale will go ahead.

He added that the board has no plans to cancel the lease.

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