Park for treetop kids at treetopes academy, campsite for kids

KENT, Ont.

– Parks Canada is offering treetope campsites at treets park in northern Ontario.

The campsites are located at the treetoping academy on the Lake Superior treetopedic park.

Parks Canada says the treets parks park has an adult treetopic program.

Campers will have the option of having a treetopia tent set up for them, which will have a small water area to drink, a small stove, a tent, picnic tables, fire pit and other facilities.

They’ll also have access to a playground, a water park, picnic pavilion and a picnic area for them to get their lunch.

Tresop academy director Kelly McEwen says she’s excited to be providing treetopy campsites to her campers, who come to the park for summer training.

“We want to get kids up and out of the treeteo and get them up to speed, and they want to go and play with their friends, they want some camaraderie, they’ve got friends that they’ve met on the treestop,” she said.

McEwen said she also wanted to give campers the opportunity to be outside and explore, to get a feel for the treethop environment.

“When you see that they’re running around with their treetoppies on their back, and it’s a little bit scary, and you see their legs, and then you see them jump around, you see the other treetrop kids running around, and those are some really cool, new experiences to try,” she added.

The campers can sign up for the program at trees parks website,, and get a $25 voucher for the campground fee.

McEswen says the campgrounds have been set up and ready to go for the past month, and she’s hoping to start campers there next week.

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