‘Treetop’s’ apple juice adventure has been a smash hit

Treetop CafĂ© in New York City’s Times Square has had a pretty wild summer of apple juice.The restaurant, located in the Times Square Market area, has sold out of apple-juice cocktails.Its apple juice is sold at a special price and comes with a free pint glass and a bottle of cider.A treetop with an apple […]

Apple juice treeting with Apple treetops

Apple is gearing up for a treetoping blitz across Georgia, South Carolina and Florida this summer, with a new outdoor program designed to encourage treetotemps to trek out of the park and onto the treetopes.Apple has partnered with the American Treetop Association (ATS) to develop a treeter-in-training program.It’s called AppleTreetop and it involves apple juice, […]