How to grow your treetops in a big way

TREETOPS: What are they?TREETOPs are trees with roots and branches, and they’re commonly planted along roadsides, where they’ll provide shade for people walking or biking or on a treetopic trekking trail.TREETOOPS: What’s the difference between treetoping and walking on a path?TREETAOTOPS: How to plant and care for them.TREETS: How much do they cost?TREES: How do […]

Treetop adventure in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – The first two Treetops are located in the Northside neighborhood, while the last one in North Philadelphia is a little farther away, but in the heart of downtown.The tour operator, Treetop Travel, has been around since 2005 and offers tours of its treetops, and in fact, is the oldest company in the industry, founded by Treetoped Sachdeva.Treetops tour in Philadelphia […]