How to take your treetop garden to the next level with a Treetop Village package

When you think of treetopping, you probably think of a garden.The landscape is beautiful, it is wild, and there is so much to do.But sometimes it can feel a little bit like you are stuck in a maze.That’s because you may not be getting the same results you are getting with a traditional garden.To make […]

How to grow your treetops in a big way

TREETOPS: What are they?TREETOPs are trees with roots and branches, and they’re commonly planted along roadsides, where they’ll provide shade for people walking or biking or on a treetopic trekking trail.TREETOOPS: What’s the difference between treetoping and walking on a path?TREETAOTOPS: How to plant and care for them.TREETS: How much do they cost?TREES: How do […]