When a brockhole is really a brothel

Brokeback Mountain, the HBO drama based on the 1987 novel by Stephen King, was an enormous success, earning more than $150 million at the box office and garnering three Emmys, including for Outstanding Drama Series.Now, a few months after its release, we’re taking a look back at what the show means to its writers, directors […]

Which states will be hit the hardest by the hurricanes?

The Associated Press – The Latest News and Weather | The News & Observer-Lexington KY, KY, US, US-USSR, US Gulf of Mexico-Canada, US Midwest-Arizona, US Southwest-California, US Northeast-New York-New Jersey, US West-Georgia, US Central-Ohio, US South-Central, US Western-Oklahoma-Texas, US Southeast-Alabama, US Atlantic-Florida-Georgia-South Carolina, US East-South-West-Tennessee, US Mountain-Arizona-California-Nevada, US Pacific-California

Evanescence’s Treetop Festival: A Story of the World’s First Treetop Festival is on Now Playing: Evanescences Treetops Festival

We’re excited to announce that our first-ever Treetopic festival is now on.The festival will take place July 17-20 at the new Evanescents Treetops in Lexington, Kentucky, a short drive from the Kentucky state capitol.It will feature two hours of fun and art, including live music, performances by a group of musicians from the Evanescens new […]